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Do you have more than 1 web site?
Host Gator lets you host as many web sites as you want in 1 account. This is a great way to save money if you have more than 1 web site, or if you plan on opening more in the near future.
"Excellent Service"
By: Joseph Quarta
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 23 2007 / 13:47:02
IP Address:
Rating: 8
I have been with them for over six months, and consider them to be excellent. Their customer service replies within minutes if a problem arises. After using Yahoo hosting for over a year, I found this company very refreshing, and professional.
"So good I'm afraid to change!"
By: Karl Zemlin
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 26 2005 / 14:06:42
IP Address:
Rating: 9
Always up, always fast. What VERY LITTLE support I have needed, response has been good. There are lower-cost plans around, but frankly, I'm afraid to change. I'd hate to end up with a host that is less reliable or not as fast. My only gripe is that some of their options are pretty pricey - domain forwarding, for example, runs $5/month. That's half of what I pay for the host account!
By: Lisa Bennett
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 07 2005 / 01:19:06
IP Address:
Rating: 10
I have been hosting sites with since 2001. I switched from another company whose servers were going down all the time. I've seen a lot of changes since I first started four years ago, and one thing is for sure - this company is progressive. I've seen them consistently increase the amount of disk space and bandwidth, and they have added a lot of new features, and they keep on adding them. And they seem to take suggestions seriously. In fact, one time I sent in a suggestion, and they added it to the control panel the very same day! Every time I contact their support team, I get responses back right away, sometimes in less than 10 minutes, and the responses are almost always right on the money. They've been consistently helpful and friendly, even when the error was my fault! I think one of the coolest things they did recently was add a "Referral Blocker". It's a tool that lets you block certain sites from sending unwanted hits. This was especially useful since one of my sites was getting blasted from another site, making my bandwidth skyrocket. They worked with me, and helped me block the other site. That same tool is now available in the control panel, and I can use for any of my sites. I've referred a lot of business associates to, and everyone I know says the same thing. The servers are always up, and support techs answers questions lightning fast, and they keep adding new features. I think they have a great value, and I think it's worth every single penny. I was just curious to see what other people were saying. I'm a little surprised by some of the reviews here, and I went to see if I could find anything else that maybe I've been missing. My experience has consistently been incredible with, and I am not an inexperienced developer, so they would have a hard time pulling the wool over my eyes.
"I've had no control over DNS changes, etc."
By: Danny
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 08 2005 / 02:18:38
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I was required to register a name I bought through from Worst customer and tech service ever! It took a couple of weeks just to have my DNS info changed. The process? Email their one techie guy and have him change it whenever he decides. I did manage to get a human on the phone who knew nothing, and made promises as if she did. Rudest itch ever. It's been months and I just assume any change requests are through email to the one tech support guy. I have initiated a transfer to a new registrar. Have I received any notification from webmasters that a transfer has been started? NO! This means I'm likely to be stuck with them forever. (No control for owners at all.)
"Find another web host provider"
By: Mark Gress
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 13 2004 / 21:42:31
IP Address:
Rating: 1
The price isn't bad for hosting - if that is all you are looking for. Support is horrible and I mean horrible. I have been with them for over a year and I am looking for a new host. They have maybe a 5 man tech team and support is done by email. YOU WILL NEVER TALK TO A HUMAN. I have had excessive down time and nothing but problems with them.
"No response. No refund"
By: Wklau
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 16 2004 / 23:33:32
IP Address:
Rating: 1
You need to prepaid for a whole year, they promise to refund the charges for un-used period within 5 days if you cancel. I cancelled my account after 6 months, but I didn't receive any refund after more than 2 months now. I contact them many times, but there is just no response except the auto-responsder from their mail server.
"Lots of features, bad support"
By: Jim Pips
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 14 2004 / 21:41:41
IP Address:
Rating: 4
This is an ok low-cost host if you never need tech support, they do have a lot of features. I think there is maybe one guy there who actually knows what's going on, but it seems like everyone else walks around with their fingers up their nose, even the engineers. Every time I've ever had to try to get support, I've wound up explaining to the 'tech' not only what his servers are supposed to be doing, but what his company's stated policies are as well. Frankly, I'm willing to pay an extra couple of bucks a month just so I don't have to educate someone else's employees. They might as well just stop throwing their money away on 'support staff' salaries. I don't recommend this host unless you are a terminal tightwad who can't stand asking for help.
"Support Uninformed."
By: Steve Aikens
Date/Time of Posting = May 15 2003 / 11:15:35
IP Address:
Rating: 3
I can't speak as a user, but I just got off the phone with a very friendly fellow working for this host. I asked about majordomo accounts, he has no idea what I'm talking about. I asked if they supported sendmail - he had to look it up. I asked about how they host multiple domains on a single accounts - he told me it uses simply domain forwarding. Certainly not what I want. They may have great service but I think I'll look for a host the seems more knowledgable. I can't imagine having a problem with this provider and talking with this friendly fellow to resolve it.
"Tech support- What tech support?j"
By: K. Meyer
Date/Time of Posting = Jun 20 2003 / 00:28:52
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I thought the great price and large variety of features were too good to be true. They are. For a month I have emailed and called their tech support. I have yet to hear back. Not a great site if you ACTUALLY want anyone to ever see your site. Avoid this place like the plague!
"Tech suppot is clueless"
By: S. Brown
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 08 2003 / 10:25:25
IP Address:
Rating: 2
I would avoid this host if you are just a beginner with complex code, if you get stuck with java or php, you are pretty much strand out of ten you're met with an automated voice message. When you actually do get a human on the line, they sound tired, dry, bored like your keeping them from doing something else that they find far more important. You will receive fague answers to direct questions, and when you finally hang up, you will find yourself with the same problem you had before you picked up the phone. This company offers a lot, package wise, but its ill trained (ill informed) staff are undercutting the value of its services. The most positive thing about in my opinion is that they do not store your credit card information on their site, and you can cancel your account at anytime with a prorated refund.
By: Diana Nartowicz
Date/Time of Posting = Feb 14 2003 / 09:55:22
IP Address:
Rating: 8
In the later part of last year I submitted a scathing review of WEBMASTERS after an unbelievable incident with their technical support. I must add that very shortly after posting my review, I was contacted by the President of the company who offered one year free and this explanation... "the Tech had just started and knew very little." I had managed, it seems, to find the last remaining page on the site that had not been updated and as the tech was new, he had no knowledge of said page. The Owners response was very fast and very professional. Shortly thereafter, I unfortunately feel very ill, and was hospitalized for some time. As a result, I have not as of yet been able to take advantage of my Year free. I want to be fair in judgment of WEBMASTERS and would like to add that I cannot attest to their service as of yet, but plan to begin the site in the next few weeks and will offer an honest opinion at that time. Thank you* Diana Nartowicz
"Solid hosting, good support"
By: Chris Goad
Date/Time of Posting = Feb 12 2003 / 10:20:38
IP Address:
Rating: 8
Webmasters has worked well for me; inexpensive, good up time, and instantaneous and competent email support. I read in another review that they have no sales department. Good!
"WEBMAStERS.COM... There are no words..."
By: Diana Nartowicz
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 25 2002 / 15:41:19
IP Address:
Rating: 1
If you offered a "0" on your rating scale I would have used that instead. I've been researching web hosts for almost 2 weeks now in hopes that I wouldn't make some of the same mistakes many of my friends have. Although not an expert by any means, I'm not knew to web building, the terminology, or what is and isn't offered. After considerable time "doin my homework" I decided on WEBMASTERS.COM because it offered such a comprehensive package for the money and seemed to get good marks by the respected review sites. One of the adds I'd found on their site (On the main page double click the small Front Page icon just beneath the 24 hour support gif to the right. This will take you to the page and add I'm referring to) stated that I could get a FrontPage 2002 web site for "$60.00" a year. This site would only contain 125 MEGS of space and offered 5gigs of transfer as opposed to the 7 offered in the regular 9.95 a month plan. Pricing for FrontPageŽ Version 2002 Based Web Hosting: Business Hosting: $9.95 per month Family Hosting: $59.70 per year I was ecstatic. Here I'd found just what I needed. A service with a good reputation, offering a full range of quality services for my site and at only 5 dollars a month. So .... I called the number listed at the bottom for sales. Sales 1-877-565-5555 (Toll Free) 1-813-837-8900 (Fax) There is no sales department. In fact there is no sales at all, only web based automated sales. The gentleman on the phone told me WEBMASTERS had no 60 dollar a year program for windows based web sites. Not only that ... it would cost 9.95 a month PLUS an additional 59.70 a year just to be placed on an NT server so I could even use my FrontPage 2002 program. I asked him if he even knew what was listed on the website, and read every word to him so that he'd understand what I was talking about. He told me not to get shity with him, he didn't write the web content. I asked him who did.... and could I talk to them. "The owner did, and there's no chance you're gonna get to talk to him, he doesn't even answer his phone." I asked who was in charge there that I could ask about what was listed on the site and was told that he was. "There is no sales department, just technical, and we don't offer a 60 dollar a year program for an NT based web site." I asked how they could then justify charging 60 more dollars a year for 625 LESS megs of disk space as was listed on the page I was sitting there looking at. Once again I was cautioned not to get crappy with him, he is just the tech help. UNBELIEVABLE. Not only does this company NOT offer what they advertise, there is no sales department and the person answering the phone couldn't care less if you want anything or not. "You want the package or not?" I think every single web hosting review site better do some serious reevaluation of WEBMASTERS.COM. When you call them, just ask some relevant questions about the sales department and why they have a program listed for 625 less megs of space for 60 dollars more a year and why then if they don't offer it, it's advertised as if they do. Then ask why anyone would spend more money for less, AND ... why it's advertised at all if the actual family membership doesn't exist. I'm a 48 year old very level headed individual who is absolutely appalled at what I just encountered by a company that you guys "in the business" continue to give a slap on the back and an "attaboy" rating to. My goal was to find a very good, fast and reliable web host for a price I could justify that offered my site a full range of support. What I found was a very rude and badly run organization that doesn't even offer what it advertises. My advise would be to stay away from Diana Nartowicz Virginia
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