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VodaHost Reviews
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"I'd avoid - sales speel false"
By: Fiona
Date/Time of Posting = Jul 31 2006 / 08:45:29
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I found the sales speel did not match reality - "easy to use" and "no programming knowledge needed" is simply not true. When I pointed this out to them, they took pains to point out to me that their Terms of Service contradicted their sales speel. This was the fastest reply I'd had from Customer Service, by the way.

The support documentation is contradictory and ambiguous. Once can only try the software once signed up - which is when one finds the flaws. Many support docs are incorrect, and I spent days trying to configure the basics. I did not find it easy to use at all. Frustrating, was my experience. Customer support was slow. You only find this out once you've paid.

I've found the tutorials to be all over the place, largely inaccurate, out of date and misleading. How the various 'easy to use' tools are supposed to interact, is a mystery to me. The inability to modify forms in Form Maker Pro is a design nightmare. Form Maker Pro was one of the 'products' that sold me on this hosting system, but which I could only test after forking out the fees.

All of the above has led to days of hair-tearing frustration. How Vodahost can claim that one can have a web site up and running without any prior experience is beyond me.

I tried to contact Vodahost's UK contacts to ask for a refund their contact details given as:

In the U.K.
VodaHost Ltd.
7 Petworth Road
Haslemere, Surrey
GU27 2JB
Tel: 020 8816 8319 / United Kingdom

However, the above UK telephone number belonged to someone who knew nothing about Vodahost, and who was answering the call from Hong Kong, via Skype!

In my opinion, avoid, or report them to the UK Office of Fair Trading:

or the

US Office of Fair Trading:$com.main?p_lang_seq=1

"Don't be tempted. you'll be sorry"
By: Miriam Grech
Date/Time of Posting = May 08 2006 / 22:36:08
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Stay away - that is my advice. It is just a scam. I was tempted to join because I wanted to use a simple website builder, (for I had no idea how to design a website) and they offered one - but you can only use it if you have an account with them, so I got one. It seems that this vodahost is run by one guy who calls himself many different names so that he appears like a big company. The phone number they have is just an answering machine that directs you back to the website. It is impossible to actually speak to anyone. After a while he started suspending my site for no apparent reason, and came up with all sorts of crap explanations. He said I was spamming and sent me emails that were supposedly attached to my site, then he sent me a file that he said was attached to my site - a file to chase credit card details of others. He accused me and threatened me. I asked him for a phone number to be able to talk to someone to sort this out ! becuase I hadn't done it, but instead asked me to fax a copy of my passport, and started abusing me. So most likely this guy is using people's websites for internet fraud, and then putting the blame on his clients. This is one of the emails he sent me - just to see his professionalism -

"cut the fucking crap, your a criminal, we caught you and your shitting yourself, what you did can get you 10 years in a very nice victorian prison cell. Do you think you are being clever or something??? You are a fraudster, we traced it all back to your IP address. So send me your ID so I may forward it to the authorties and let them sort you out".

I have since reported vodahost to the authorities, and I don't think he will be around much longer

And as an additional note: It is quite possible that the good reviews are posted by the owner himself

"VodaHost is Bad!!"
By: Charles Williams
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 20 2005 / 06:52:36
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Vodahost was the first webhost that I have tried. Yes, their deals seem too good to be true and they are fast on their forums, but that is as far as it goes. If you do a search here in these forums, you will see posts by Voda1 that show just what kind of professionalism these jerks have. I had problems with them and they deleted my username on the forums before I even thought of posting anything. They claim their TOS is for them to run a tight ship, but they have written it only to cover their butt, and that is the only reason.

I was using a php opensource script on their webserver (Joomla) and of course I has some CHOWN issues because php has a flaw when using autoinstallers in these type of php scripts. I asked these guys if they could CHOWN my files for me so I could have ownership of my files again, so I could edit them and etc...

For those who don't know, to CHOWN a directory takes a webhost about 20 seconds with a shot SSH script. These guys didn't even know what I was talking about. So I spelled it out for them, sent them links in reference to it, and they had the nerve to tell me that it was my fault that I lost ownership to my files and that I should install Joomla using Fantastico. How is that suppose to help? I had about 100mb of files already installed and ready to go; I was just waiting on that 20 second script to get the final touches done. Then they told me that it is their policy that they won't touch any of their customers account. What? I am asking them to give a little support here and they can't touch accounts?

The truth is these guys don't know what they are doing. On top of all this, it took them a week and a half to come up with this conclusion. I had a clients website I was designing on hold waiting for these guys to help me out. So I finally said screw this. I need a host that supports php scripts. These guys obviously don't. Not only does Joomla do this, but so does SMF, and many others. All of them are bundled together in Fantastico which is on their servers, but they won't even support the use of them.

So I decided to look for another host. My PayPal account had just been charged for my second month of hosting and I cancelled the subscription. This is before I read the TOS (which you live and learn I guess), and these guys had my account deleted within an hour. I had been working on three different sites for over two weeks (A Zen-Cart website, SMF, and Joomla), and by this time I had about 200MB of files and 144MB of MySQL files on my hosting account. My second mistake was that I hadn't backed-up my files for that last two weeks. Yeah, that was my fault, but like I said, I was a newbie to webhosting and I figured I had another 28 days of webhosting paid for. Come to find out, in the TOS, it says they can delete your account as soon as a subscription is cancelled. Great for me. I lost about 80 to 100 hours of design and coding because of that. No refund, no nothing. I asked them, still trying to keep my cool, if they kept a back-up of their servers and if they cou! ld just let me get my files. They 'kindly' linked me to their TOS that basically said that they don't back-up anything and that they are not responsible for any files lost and that you user Vodahost at your own risk. Great!

By this time I was angry. Two weeks of horrible support and this is what I get. I finally told them I was mad. Then some guy who said his name was Jeff (which was a lie) called my house and left a crappy message on my answering machine yelling, "Pick up the phone Charles," and so on. It was the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard. I finally opened a support ticket and told them to just leave me alone, they done their damage.

I went to their forum and noticed a thread titled, "What do you think of Vodahost?" I went to reply and my forum username had already been cancelled (talk about thinking a head of time). So I registered again with a new name, posted my peace, and I swear to God that it hadn't been five minutes and my post was deleted. Why wasn't my support tickets answered that fast?! I left a email with Affililys (?) who supposivily owns Vodahost and they answered me telling me they had no control over what Vodahost did. I told them find, I will just register the domain, I checked it out right afterwards, it hadn't been registered yet, so I bought it. I checked on it the next day and found out through my domain registar that it had been registered after me by Vodahost, and they got the domain, along with, and some others. All these guys. I checked out the date of registration through Whois and they registered right after I did and yet still got! the domain over me (someone pulled some strings).

All these guys want to do is cover their own butts. They don't over any support that is worth a damn, and their BlueVoda software is the cheapest pile of crap I have ever seen. They don't answer support tickets for days unless they are pre-sales related and they don't care about their customers unless they are silent. Vodahost was a huge mistake. My webhost now will bend over backwards for me, answers my support tickets in no less than 6 seconds and offer just as much as Vodahost for a great price. I lost valuable time, work, and a lot more in less than a month by using Vodahost. I made some newbie mistakes, but these guys gave me the worst support ever and took well advantage of me being naive.

And trust me, is not the only domain out there that can be registered to get my point accross. :) Beware of Vodahost!!

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