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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
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RSC's death

Early days had very few issues. Haveing come from a data center enviroment I was shocked when during a daytime maintenance cycle, I was told my company website had been lost. Maintenance was being done with out backing the server in question. We were moved to a new server 2 years ago when we complained about lack of bandwidth for our site.

On the afternoon of Jan. 16, 2012 email stopped and while out fileing a issue ticket noticed that our site was not accessible. Filed a ticket and then a second one on the 18th. No response at this writing to either. Pinging or name server shows it's not there.

There is no answer at billing and any other available number.

If not out of business they should be.

ReadySetConnect is NOT recommended by William Lovell. This person does NOT recommend ReadySetConnect.
› Overall Rating ››    72.00% 
Reviewed on January 23rd, 2012 at 16:26 EST by William Lovell
Customer for duration of More than 5 years
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Shared   Platform: Linux   Domain:   Email:
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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
* ratings are out of 10

Completely inept Customer Support, Billing Services, and Hosting

I used RSC for years and was happy with the service. Unfortunately, something changed several years ago. My website started to experience downtime more often, and my email password kept being reset. I used their customer support service to fix these issues, but it usually took a couple of days. No biggie. Not worth the hassle of switching just because support for my tiny website was a bit slow.

Then, one day, I got an email from RSC stating that my credit card was declined and I needed to update my billing info. I logged in and deleted my credit card (it was an old card) and signed up for instant PayPal recurring payments. Since that day, I usually receive at least 1 email per week from RSC asking me to update my credit card info. I have called them, emailed them, submitted support tickets, tried to live chat, etc. just to let them know that I am signed up for recurring PayPal payments. I have never received a response.

Finally I decided to switch hosts, but I had forgotten my Account password. I used their 'Forgot Password?' tool to reset my password, but they never sent me an email letting me know what the new password was. So now I have absolutely no idea what my password is. I can't get into my Account/Billing settings. I can't cancel the account. I can't get them to reply to my phone calls or emails. I can't get them to do anything.

Then, today, I logged into my FTP to pull a complete copy of my www directory (for backup purposes) and I noticed two named folders in my www directory that I did NOT create. Inside these folders were 100s of .html files full of nonsensical information, snippets of news articles & books, and random words. It was exactly the kind of stuff you would expect to see appended to the bottom of a spam email to get past spam filters. I have no idea who put these files there but it certainly doesn't make my experience better.

Avoid RSC at all costs.

ReadySetConnect is NOT recommended by Josh. This person does NOT recommend ReadySetConnect.
› Overall Rating ››    10.00% 
Reviewed on November 8th, 2011 at 17:21 EST by Josh
Customer for duration of More than 5 years
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Shared   Platform: Linux   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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