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PCI Computers
PCI Computers Reviews
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"PCI Computers"
PCI Computers
By: Matt Wilson
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 08 2003 / 19:10:25
IP Address:
Rating: 10
PCI computers has been ongoing 3 years now of reliable, quality service. Only one customer out of the 3 years has caused a hiccup in our reputation. This kid goes by the name of FreezeRay, or jmickle. He assumed we would shell out 1100$ for a web interface called cpanel. Just for him, hah! He was never told we would do it, nor would we. We are not setup to equip clients to subout bandwith nor space at this time. We never violated any privacy contracts, nor did we terminate him from our system until it was deemed necessary as he is a threat to our system. As of 11/05/03 Mr jmickle has been DOSing our system, until we unplugged it. To no regard he then filed a fake report with a police department. To which we are saddened by. This kid will be sued, and held acocuntable for our business loss.
"possibly the worst host around"
PCI Computers
By: J. Mickle
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 06 2003 / 16:04:23
IP Address:
Rating: 1
well where to begin.. The companies lack of respect for their clients? or the lies the company claims all the time? The tech admins on there are the worst ever. the one admin west even decided that he didnt like my canceling of his company. So he decided to ddos attack mywebsite and give out all my personal information to any hackers he could. He even decided soo fit to as give out my root password to the site. hmm The owner doesn't know left from right especialy when it comes to terms with money. The guy still owes me money from almost a year now and its rather pathetic. I would reccomend anyone stay away from these guys.
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