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Web Hosting Reviews
M2Host is NOT recommended by our Page Analyzer™ M2Host
Please note that it isn't uncommon for a web host to have a large % of its customers happy, and a small % not happy.
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Our Page Analyzer arrived at this recommendation by analyzing the following data about M2Host:
# of Reviews # that Recommend % that Recommend Overall Rating* Review Quality*
13 0 0% 4% 100%
* Overall Rating and Review Quality are cumulative averages for reviews that do NOT recommend M2Host.
How Our Page Analyzer Works
  • A page can only be analyzed if it has a HIGH Page Relevancy or greater
  • % that RecommendOverall Rating, and Review Quality must all be VERY HIGH in order for a web host to get a recommendation
  • 85% - 100% VERY HIGH
    70% - 84% HIGH
    60% - 69% LOW
    0% - 59% VERY LOW