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midPhase Review
Featured below is's review on midPhase.

Special Offers With This Company:

Win a 2006 Eclipse.
Anyone who signs up for an account with midPhase is automatically entered to win a brand new 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse or $15,000.00 in cash.

Free domain name for life.
All annual plans include a free domain name for the life of your account.

First Impression
midPhase is a more recent addition to the web hosting industry, having been in business now for three years. They haven proven that despite being a smaller company, they can handle the rapid growth in the same manner that Lunar Pages and iPowerWeb have been able to deal with it. midPhase has grown in this time period from hosting only several hundred web sites to several thousand, which shows that they have a solid business model under their belts. We have seen very consistent uptime with midPhase's servers and replies to trouble tickets and support e-mails have also been above average. This is a company that is in direct competition with the other four hosts that I have reviewed, and are showing that they are indeed capable of competing in this "jungle" of an industry.

Price and Cost Effectiveness
midPhase's most popular plan is its "Mega-PHASE" plan, which for $7.95 a month, offers 12000 MB of disk space, unmetered bandwidth and unmetered e-mail accounts. This means that your site can use as much bandwidth and as many e-mail accounts as you like, as such items are virtually unlimited. Like the other hosting companies reviewed, midPhase also includes the basics such as PHP, PERL, CGI-BIN, JSP, Tomcat, and more. What makes this plan more desirable, however, is that it comes with a free domain name and allows as many MySQL databases as you need. So if you're big on developing database-driven web sites, this plan is almost ideal for you if you're going to use more than five databases on one site.

midPhase has another plan called the "Pro-PHASE" plan, which goes for $11.95 a month. This plan comes with everything offered in the Mega-PHASE plan, but it gives you 15000 MB of disk space, and allows you to host unlimited domains under one account.

For the price you pay, midPhase's plans are both packed with huge amounts of disk space and virtually unlimited bandwidth. Most users will never actually use even 800 MB of disk space or 40 GB of bandwidth. But I suppose if you really want to feel comfortable in terms of having "room to grow" for your site, either of these plans would be right for you.

Data Center
midPhase operates the Equinix IBX data center out of Chicago, IL. All of their servers are connected to a line burst-able up to 100 MBPS, even though their traffic levels have never bursted passed 15 MBPS per server. midPhase has primary and secondary connections to Time Warner, Internap, Bell South, and other Internet backbone providers. Just like any other data center, the center is clean, has advanced security measures such as kinetic combination locks, highly-trained personnel, and surveillance cameras.

Customer Service
The customer service team at midPhase is generally above average in terms of response times to help e-mails and support tickets. midPhase is not one of those companies that will reply to your help questions out of a "wizard" or guide if you will. They are quality-oriented and will not send you a recycled list of answers to your questions. They will help you solve the problem to the best of their ability. midPhase also offers a toll-free telephone number for customers who wish to speak with someone immediately. Again, customer service is a must with any web hosting company, but it is particularly important to first-time site owners and those who are purchasing hosting for the first time. This is because these are the users who generally have the most questions about their web site and need the most help in using such things as FTP and setting-up e-mail accounts.

Control Panel
midPhase has a modified version of CPanel that is much easier to use for the average beginner. They call it the "midPhase Control Center" which has a very unique design to it and is graphically easier on the eyes. The panel allows you to manage your web site by allowing you to add, remove, and modify e-mail accounts on the fly, view your account quota and see how much space you have used, install and set-up message boards, chat forums, and a number of other free third party scripts. midPhase also offers a "SimpleSite Wizard" that allows you to create a simple web site without knowing HTML at all. The panel offers a number of other features as well.

midPhase is a very promising company overall that has proven it can deliver to customers a relationship that is categorized by extensive customer support, consistent server uptime, and a reliable user interface that the average beginner should take advantage of. Both of their plans are loaded with huge amounts of disk space and virtually unlimited bandwidth that I, personally, could never imagine using. However, if you absolutely, positively want to rest assured that your web site will not exceed its quota in terms of disk space and bandwidth, or want a great deal of room for your web site to grow, then midPhase is right for you. midPhase is also a very safe bet for the average beginner since they provide you with tools that make it easier to get your site on the Internet. And finally, rest assured because midPhase also offers a 30-day-money-back guarantee in case you're not fully satisfied with their services.

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