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Lunar Pages Review
Featured below is's review on Lunar Pages.
Lunar Pages

Special Offers With This Company:

They'll transfer your site for you & give you free months of hosting.
Move your web site to Lunar Pages from another web host and sign-up for a new annual plan. They will add the time remaining from your existing pre-paid web hosting account to your new Lunar Pages plan (up to 11 months) completely free and they'll even transfer your site for you. Click here to sign-up or to read more about this limited offer.

Host 2 domain names per account & have unlimited MySQL databases.
Lunar Pages now lets you host 2 domain names per account and have an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

Free domain name for life.
All annual plans include a free domain name for the life of your account. Lunar Pages will also pay your transfer fees when moving a domain to them.

First Impression
Lunar Pages was founded in the summer of 2000 by Add2Net, Inc., an honest corporation that has been offering hosting services online since 1997. Five years is a substantial amount of time to be in the hosting industry, since many hosting companies these days have been built-to-flip -- fly-by-night operations that are merely in the industry to get a quick buck. Lunar Pages is contrary to this. They have proven year after year that they can provide superb quality web hosting at a relatively inexpensive price to the consumer. Their server uptime is phenomenal -- we have yet to see their servers go down for any noticeable amount of time. Lunar Pages is also staffed by efficient customer service reps. This is because response times to support tickets are amazing. We have received quality responses to e-mails in as little as two minutes at times.

Price and Cost Effectiveness
Lunar Pages' most popular plan is its "Shuttle Hosting" plan, which for $7.95 a month, offers 5000 MB of disk space, 400 GB bandwidth, PHP, JSP, ASP, PERL, MySQL, and toll-free telephone support. With this, like most other hosts, you get access to an online control panel, FrontPage extensions, Dreamweaver compatibility, unlimited e-mail accounts, and unlimited forwarding.

Lunar Pages also offers a "Voyager Hosting" plan for $22.95 a month, in which case the amount of disk space allotted is increased to 8000 MB, and the amount of bandwidth allowed per month is 800 GB. Contrary to the Shuttle Plan, this plan offers a shopping cart with a secure server (https://). So if you're going to be accepting transactions, this is the plan for you.

Data Center
Lunar Pages owns a data center which is located in downtown Los Angeles. Powered by Dell Power Edge 2650 servers, and quad Xeon 2.4 GHz Xeon processors with three 70 GB Raid Disk Drives and 6 GB of memory, you can bet that your site will be accessible at all times. Contrary to other companies, Lunar Pages has also been known to add new, powerful Dell servers every month to their data center. This shows us that they care about their customers beyond merely fulfilling what they promised. It isn't required by Lunar Pages to update their servers to the latest technology when it becomes available, but they do this on their own will in order to remain competitive.

Customer Service
If you read the introduction of this review, I mentioned that Lunar Pages' customer service reps are fast at replying to trouble tickets and e-mails. I really can't stress this enough. Having been in the industry since 1999, I have never seen such speedy technicians who are dedicated to solving customer difficulties. If you're new to the Internet and new to the world of web hosting, you will really appreciate this -- because chances are you will have a question or two about getting your site set-up. If you're an advanced user, this may not be so important to you -- but of course when you need help, you will appreciate the timeliness of replies too. Lunar Pages also has a toll-free telephone line where customers can call in and ask for help on the problem they are experiencing.

Control Panel
Lunar Pages currently uses CPanel 8, which makes it very easy to manage your web site using an online interface. The panel allows you to see how much disk space and bandwidth you have used in the current month, and how many visitors your site is receiving. CPanel also allows you to make backups of your site, check e-mail inboxes, add databases, and a lot more.

Lunar Pages is definitely an excellent choice in web hosting companies. This is because their reputation in the five years that they have been in business has been outstanding. It is rare to find complaints on this company, as people are generally pleased with their services. Lunar Pages also offers a 30-day-money-back guarantee. So if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with their services in the first month, you can simply ask for a refund and get all of your money back.

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