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Internet Express
Internet Express Reviews
Do you have more than 1 web site?
Host Gator lets you host as many web sites as you want in 1 account. This is a great way to save money if you have more than 1 web site, or if you plan on opening more in the near future.
"Very Good"
Internet Express
By: Lewis Bishop Jr.>
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 11 2005 / 01:02:47
IP Address:
Rating: 8
I have been with ixpres for about 4 months now. When I first started their email service sucked but not long after they did some system work & it has worked great ever since. The best part is a local number in nowhere west mi where I live & I have never, never had a busy sig in all my 4 months. The local ISP's where always busy. At $8.45 a month ( first 3 months at $5.25) vs 19.95 for local dial up, well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. I haven't tried customer service yet & for the price don't expect much. Also, trying to cancel service may be a trick but then again they seem to have improve quite a bit since 04.
"Very Frustrating and difficult"
Internet Express
By: Russ Savage
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 10 2003 / 17:53:49
IP Address:
Rating: 1
This organization is aweful. If you do decide to sign up make sure and read both terms and conditions pages. I only read one and after terrible service I wanted to cancel. They wanted $35 for cancelling my service, since I had it less than a year. One of the terms and conditions pages says nothing about this. They would not even release my domain name to another host until I agreed to the $35 fee. I told them I wanted to keep my account for a couple of days while the domain name propagated and they just shut down the account. As the other review states, they have not control panel and make setting up anything very difficult. I was having trouble setting up email addresses (they do have an automated way to do that) and called tech support and they said the automated system really did not work well yet. When I first called to move the domain name I was told no problem it will be done right away. After 3 days of waiting for it to makes its way around the inter net I called back and was informed of the $35 fee and that they had not done anything. They also did not give me a call to tell me either or send an email or anything. I finally got out and paid the $35 to be rid of them. They also claim to have web statistics and when you go there you get nothing. They also claim to release raw log files, but how to get them is anyones guess.
Internet Express
By: Scott Fry
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 15 2002 / 11:22:37
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I started looking for new hosting for my personal website and a few other I host. Did my research, found a smoking deal, so I started looking at their credentials (didn't want to get left holding the bag by a fly by night company). So I find this company,, which offered unlimited bandwidth (important cause I want to host 2 forums) and 750 meg of storage. that's a lot of storage. Credentials looked great! I also found they offer a CNet special for $7.95/month. So I email the sales department, and I told them I wanted the 7.95 package, no setup fee, and I will set up 3 accounts with 2 more coming in a couple weeks. Andy Mingione (the sales guy) emailed me back and said "no problem". I called a couple days later, told him what I wanted and he said "that's cool". I give him all my info set up my 3 accounts, 2 hours on the phone with him. During the phone call, I explained several times that I HAD to have a database setup on 2 of my sites. he said, "yeah that's included". I hang up, wait 2 hours for my confirmation, receive it and I find I was charged not 1, not 2 but 3 setup fees. So needless to say I called Andy up and read him the riot act. "that's not what I agreed too, I want them removed, i'm not very happy. you told me there was no setup fee.". "no" he said, I said the setup fee wasn't that expensive" WHAT?!?!?! Take them off or cancel me... Andy said he couldn't do that so I sent an email to billing telling them to cancel me. the next morning I have an email and a phone call, saying "Ok, we'll waive the setup fee." GREAT! it does pay to be a hardass sometimes. so I finalize the paperwork, and try to access my accounts. they set all 3 sites up with the same username which meant I could only look at one site. so I start sending their tech support emails and phone calls. wound up getting through to someone at 11:00 at night. he said "well you have to wait for your domain name to switch over before you can get access". wonderful, so my site would be down for at least a couple days.... The next day I start trying to work with my new site (the one I could access). there was no control panel (web based access to my sites functions) and no FAQ on how to set anything up like mail or my DB. so off goes another support request. I wait, finally sending an email to Andy telling him I want answers. the answers I got after 9 hours were "you don't have a database with the package you got" AARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! so that dude lied to me twice about basic stuff about my account. I sent the scathing 'I hope someday you'll get your head out of your butt, but for now, cancel me' email. well I signed up on the 15th of July, had cancelled by the 17th of July. Now I am STILL waiting for part of my refund, which was promised on the 19th, AND I just got a notice that I'm being billed again. They never cancelled me.
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