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iPowerWeb Reviews
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"Shotty Hosting & Uneducated Support"
By: Not specified
Date/Time of Posting = Dec 12 2006 / 14:53:13
IP Address:
Rating: 1
It would be wise to avoid this host:

Ipowerweb used to be a respectable, however I think they are too big to handle themselves now.

I have several websites hosted with them, one domain name had constant email problems and they would say they would fix it, it would be good for a day and then it would stop working. So I would call them and talk to the un-technically educated support and re explain everthing that has happened, only to get the answer- oh it must be an outlook setting... UGH!!! The support just doesn't listen.

I would say I am a high novice at web tech stuff and it gets so frustrating talking to some one that is worse than a beginner.

I launched a new ecommerce store the first week in November and a few days after launching it our website was set back to a month prior- which was a terrible development mess! I was TERRIFIED that this was live! I called them, waited an hour to talk to someone that said they were working on it. A FULL DAY LATER I asked if my website would be restored and they said THAT WAS THE LATEST VERSION OF MY WEBSITE THEY HAD ON FILE. THANK GOD I HAD MY OWN BACKUP!!!!! THEY CLAIM TO MAKE BACKUPS, BUT THEY DON'T AND IF YOU CALL THEM ON IT THEY SAY "SORRY, WE DON'T DO BACKUPS, THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY"?? (ps: this happened twice within a week, the second time I lost a week of product uploads.) IF YOU USE THEM BACK UP TO YOUR COMPUTER OFTEN!!)

Okay, so I thought this is the worst that can happen right, everyone has those moments, right? WRONG!!!


I am going to switch hosts because I have had it with our website going down. We are paying A LOT for clicks and advertising online and this is not worth it.

Everytime I call/live chat to see why the server is down, the support person says the same thing, oh we are really sorry, we really care about our customers and we are working diligently to restore service as soon as possible. You can only hear that so many times...

And one last thing, I have had trouble logging into only one of my vdeck's- it times out. The un-technical support insists it is my computer or isp provider- even though I tell them that I have other domains with vdecks that work great. Right now I still cannot login to one of my website vdecks because the support is so un-technically educated and they just don't listen. They just read from a script or something.

Oh yeah, and I have had recent problems with all my permissions being reset and having to go through my extensive site to figure out which permissions i need to RE-CHANGE...

"Once good but now it's bad customer service and downtime"
By: John Pujouls
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 28 2006 / 22:51:23
IP Address:
Rating: 5
I have been hosting with Ipowerweb for over 5 years and have a lot of sites with them. I had always been happy until this year. I have lost several customers because of them going down for hours every couple of months for "networking errors". I also have had numerous issues and submit a support ticket but often get no reply at all. I also have a sales rep and when I call him, I get a voice mail and he has NEVER CALLED ME BACK EVER!

Also there are serious problems if you are using MySQL. There are apparently "user limits" and my customers with shopping carts kept having them go down with MySQL errors. Like 10 times a day!!!

Once they where a great company, but they have grown too large and complacent. I guess you get what you pay for and if my customers want reliable hosting with excellent customer service they are going to have to pay a whole lot more with a company like RackSpace or the like.

My honest thoughts!

"An honest and recent review of iPowerWeb is overdue"
By: John D. Beatrice
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 08 2005 / 00:26:04
IP Address:
Rating: 6
iPowerWeb is one of the better hosting companies for a long time. However, I have become concerned about their overall performance lately. Customer Service is a number-one priority in this very competitive market. I feel that my experiences with iPowerweb - I have 4 sites/accounts with them - could be a lot better. I have submitted 2 tickets for the same issue and we are fast approaching 1.5 months without resolution and only one "human" response. I have followed every instruction and protocal as directed. Another concern I noticed is that the pre-installed scripts that they offer are outdated revs in some (not all) cases. Also, they offer less than other companies that I also host websites with. Almost 30 less. I would recommend iPowerWeb, yet also recommend comparing comporable companies for the same price point.
"I'm getting worried as a user & Affiliate"
By: John D. Beatrice
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 06 2005 / 15:47:24
IP Address:
Rating: 6
I started using ipower because I was impressed with the reviews of service, backbone, facilities and offerings. As a web developer, I need reliable hosting for my clients. Ipower is satisfactory in this regard. However, most important to me is Customer Service! Ipowerweb is not proving to me that their customer service is satisfactory. My first ticket went unresolved without follow-up. I did my due dilligence and replied as instructed in the ticket. I submitted a ticket for the same problem one-month later. And the same result is happening. I did get one tech support response, but it has been almost 5 days and no resolution and no followup. I have replied twice to my original ticket (as instructed - because if not it is considered closed after 48 hrs) and I not received a proper follow-up. I also joined as an affiliate and am owed several hundred dollars. Their payment system missed me twice. After speaking with affiliate support and accounting they assured me on two different occassions that the check(s) wnet out (and are going out) and supplied me dates). The chaecks have not arrived and they can not provide satisfactory reasons for this. I have left voice mail messages in the pastregarding other subjects and those were not returned. In there defense the only real issue I have had is slow account creation and email minor email issues. I use other hosting companies that do not present these similar customer service or Affiliate payment problems.
"I'd recommend these guys!"
By: Ram Sambamurthy
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 06 2004 / 10:38:54
IP Address:
Rating: 10
My website is I still host with iPowerWeb and don't have any reasons to move away from them. I'd recommend these guys anyday. Even while located in Malaysia, I have had no problems communicating with these people. They always reply on time. I came to iPowerWeb after hosting with ApolloHosting. Don't waste your time with Apollo Hosting. If you want to leave them they won't make it easy for you to transfer your domain to the new provider.
By: Jim Hilley
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 10 2003 / 03:59:03
IP Address:
Rating: 10
I've been with iPowerweb for two months now. They have provided everything that was advertised. I'm very satisfied.
"Notes of Appreciation for your service"
By: Dawn Lanier
Date/Time of Posting = Mar 25 2003 / 00:20:14
IP Address:
Rating: 10
Where do we guys are great and seem to be just getting better with time. When I first looked into the possibility of increasing our business by getting a website like most noviceís I was lost in a sea of new things to learn, do and get involved with just to see if this was a good idea. The fortunes were certainly smiling on our business the day we found iPowerWeb. From the very beginning we were greeted with courteous and encouraging sales personnel who explained their service and what they did and did not provide. The explanations provided were clear, spoken in common every day language and outlined in a way that made sense. What really impressed us though is your "help center" section on your website or as you call it your "Customer e Solutions Center" For a first timer like us-this section of your site was a stroke of genius. It not only gives you a step by step instruction on getting started-it also gives you in depth answers to just about any question you might have about their service (I understand that their "Find iPowerWeb Answers" section has over 1,100 tutorials, step by step instructions and general service operating information. It was truly a great find-but more impressive was their services after we got the free template based website builder up and running, had made several sales using their free shopping cart solution and thought that this "was a pretty good deal" to get all of this for just $7.95. It wasnít until we learned that in addition to all of the things Iíve mentioned so far that iPowerWeb even goes further by providing each customer with their own private online marketing resource to promote their website that we realized this was a "great deal." We found out that their "marketing tool box" not only submits your website to 400 Search Engines every other month for as long as you are a customer, but that they also help you get better positioning on the search engines by helping you create and place properly formatted "key words" and "Meta Tags". This feature is only topped by their promoting your website to over 3,500 websites with a banner ad that they create and circulate to a network of webmasters who have previously agreed to promote new products and services to their audience. With the 300 emails that they gave us we were able to track which promotion we were running got the best results by tying special promotions to specific email addresses and with their auto responders for the emails we were able to generate significant "repeat" customers for more business. At this writing we hardly remember running our business without having a website and I got to tell you that the money we are beginning to generate from our website is better than we could have imagined a few short months ago. When I spoke with an iPowerWeb tech support person late in the evening this past Sunday I was reminded how they are a company that lives up to its word to have "live tech support 24-7." Not only did I get the assistance I needed to add an additional form onto my site so I could announce a new product; but I was also reminded of how iPowerWeb has succeeded in providing the perfect web solution for the small business owner who want to try their hand on the Internet, get great support and the benefit of a company whose employees know what they are talking about and have all of the things I mentioned plus more for just $7.95 a month. I understand that they recently upgraded their service to now offer 500 Megabytes of space which is quite a lot but if things keep going well for us we certainly hope to be able to expand our website to take advantage of this upgrade and more of their services. I just want to say thank you for being there for us each and every time. Sincerely Dawn Lanier Webmaster
"Service is still important!"
By: Darren B. Browne
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 28 2003 / 21:48:15
IP Address:
Rating: 10
I am the owner of a small Web Design company with several clients that have small businesses. After using hosting companies that seemed to only stay in business for a short time, I contacted to see what they had to offer. The ads just seemed too good to be true. Usually a bigger hosting company will just loose you in the numbers (at least thatís my experience) and getting service is like pulling teeth. After failing to get good service from the more expensive smaller companies, I decide to go with a less expensive company this time. I figured, if I am going to get poor service I might as well get it a little cheaper. I contacted Ipowerweb via email and less than 24 hours later I had a real live human on the phone. Not knowing exactly how to go about getting all my domains transferred as well as all the sites I designed, my contact "Trey Gardner" from Ipowerweb stepped right in and said "No Problem, when you get ready for the transfer we will take care of it and walk you through it". Having been burnt by another company recently, I was reluctant to do the transfer at that moment. Ipowerweb had a No Pressure sales approach and gave me a direct contact phone number along with email and said he would be my contact from now on. I checked into the company a little more and finally took the first step and transferred all my clients hosting over to Ipowerweb. Still afraid it might all be just a front, I did not transfer all my domain names over right away, I wanted to "test the waters" so to speak. Itís been almost a year since I first started with Ipowerweb and all of my domains are transferred and ALL my sites are hosted with them. I still have the same contact as when I first started and never have to wait for a response for more than 24 hours, in some cases itís within an hour or so. Even when my contact "Trey" went on vacation, someone else was given the responsibility to handle all my needs and did it with the same professionalism as always. I now have 19 sites hosted with Ipowerweb and all are small businesses that need a reliable web hosting service that stays online. I canít afford to be offline with any of my sites. I have waited long enough to post my opinion of this hosting provider, thinking maybe it was too good to be true. Itís for real! These guys perform as a professional hosting company should. If you are looking for a web hosting company that knows what the meaning of service still is, then look no further, Ipowerweb has it together. A no excuses, reliable web hosting company that does what they say they will do at an affordable rate! Keep up the great work!!!!
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