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Hercules Hosting
Hercules Hosting Reviews
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Hercules Hosting
By: Super8
Date/Time of Posting = Jun 30 2004 / 13:39:33
IP Address:
Rating: 1
First off, the support, actually what support! I am so pissed off right now that I feel like going over there and knocking at there door. This is the worst hosting ever, and yes, they are a rip off! I guess they have skipped town cause I cant seem to find anything on them atm. But when I do, they will be brought to court, those...[EDIT]Content Removed: WHR does not allow derogatory comments.[/EDIT]
"SCUM and CON Artists"
Hercules Hosting
By: Eamon Noonan
Date/Time of Posting = Jun 13 2004 / 17:10:40
IP Address:
Rating: 1
These guys are nothing but con artists, they STEAL peoples money. The technical contact is Nguyen Tieu, amakhe, berkley, CA. and a phone number of 09140055740. Billing contact: 2116 Allston way, Berkley, CA 91745 ph: +1 6263900011. They are a bogus operation with various names. I have forward all relevent information to ARIN, and the FBI...these guys are Cyber Terrorists, they steal money, and hijack people names...
"the worst ever"
Hercules Hosting
By: Eran Lamm
Date/Time of Posting = May 30 2004 / 04:56:21
IP Address:
Rating: 1
DO NOT GO THERE. OR TO ANY OF THEIR AFFILIATES. worst support, worst service, worst hosting in terms of downloading, uploading and everything else for that matter. if anyone knows how to complain about this hosting and/or get money back from these con-artists please e-mail me this info.
"Get your money back!!!!"
Hercules Hosting
By: Pat
Date/Time of Posting = May 25 2004 / 19:08:37
IP Address:
Rating: 1
All their admin sites (i.e. control panel, webmail, etc.) had been down for 4 fu@#$ng weeks and I don't know how to get a hold of anyone. Email to support is bouncing back. Their home website is even down!!! Anyone know how to complain to fcc or other ISP rating website? Damn!!!
"Awful Host"
Hercules Hosting
By: Alex Pasternak   no.spam@see.webhost.url
Date/Time of Posting = May 17 2004 / 16:40:43
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Bar none, the worst provider I have ever used. Awful network with constant downtime, no reply to many support emails. Stay far far away.
"Master of non-communication"
Hercules Hosting
By: H.J. Van Der Veen
Date/Time of Posting = May 17 2004 / 09:31:08
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Since 4 months e-mail is not answered anymore. The statisticsserver does not function anymore, and the e-mail addresses I have made, do not function anymore. And yes: I did pay them for their services. The chance that they will get any Dutch customers in near future ...? Luckily enough there are other possibilities to have a website hosted ...!
"Cyber Thieves"
Hercules Hosting
By: M. Morton
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 14 2004 / 19:53:51
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Hercules Hoster has to be the worst hosting company on the web. They know nothing, and they lie. Seldom, if ever respond, and you cannot locate them. I believe they purchased a used server at a garage sale, plugged it in, sold space, and walked away! Try to find them now... you won't. Hercules Hoster is out of business. What you will find is a dead end with a referral to a very expensive hosting service who promises to "take good care of you". Kids... we done been set up! If you are with Hercules, get the hell out of Dodge! If you're considering going to their referral company I'd think twice.
"bad bad bad"
Hercules Hosting
By: Steven B.
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 06 2004 / 15:02:01
IP Address:
Rating: 7
Last year i was searching the web for a desent reliable web hosting site, thought I came across a good 1 but all together bad experience. HERCULES HOSTING. I run phpnuke and use MySQL to run the database. They offered superior support. Email them and sit back and wait for an answer sometimes taking up to 4 days. I ended up not using them, and asked for a refund. I have waited 4 months for this to happen. They sayd after the first of the year. nothing yet. AND the domain name i picked turned out to be already taken. SO i had to deal with choosing another which took me more time. All in All a bad experience, Steer clear and beware of this web hosting site. Save your money for a real webhosting company!
"A good experience"
Hercules Hosting
By: Mark Butler
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 21 2003 / 10:55:51
IP Address:
Rating: 8
I was looking for a new provider and was quite surprised by the TOS (Terms of Service) of a lot of them, its amazing how restrictive they are when the fine detail is read. I was also looking for a large site with programmability (ASP and databases). Hercules Hosting was one of the ones on the list and their TOS and feature set was what I was looking for so I joined up. I did have some difficulty at first, my desired domain name was already in use and I had to select another, but some of my configuration still has the old name in it (like my login name) so it was a bit confusing. The tech support responds quickly but very minimally - typically one sentence responses, such as "fixed, try it now". However every question I've posed has been solved within a day or two. The site has been pretty reliable, only once did ASP files stop working (though the rest of the site was up), I sent them an email and they were back up in a couple of hours. It is definately a provider for experts, at this time there is almost no documentation and while you get pretty much free reign to configure your site, to secure it, to program it, your on your own to do so. It took me considerable research to figure out how to get a counter working for example. Still - the site has been fast and reliable so far (3 months)
"This host good for nothing."
Hercules Hosting
By: Joe Brown
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 28 2003 / 15:15:08
IP Address:
Rating: 1
They tell the 99.9 % uptime and 24 hour tech. repair. This is not true. I just open my account few weeks ago and almost every day something wrong or the site down. They do not answer for the emails , a lots of time they main site down too. Please, if you do not want any more headache, forget this host for forever!
"host review"
Hercules Hosting
By: Ed Ruffing
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 18 2000 / 12:33:42
IP Address:
Rating: 3
I have hosted with 4 companies now and I would say thathercules hosting was by far the worst of the four. - every site on their servers had gone down regularly - very poor customer support - even their site has gone down many times!
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