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EarthLink Web Services
EarthLink Web Services Reviews
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Host Gator lets you host as many web sites as you want in 1 account. This is a great way to save money if you have more than 1 web site, or if you plan on opening more in the near future.
"avoid earthlink"
EarthLink Web Services
By: Milford Reynolds
Date/Time of Posting = Feb 04 2007 / 20:34:58
IP Address:
Rating: 2
Earthlink is terrible. I had my website up for a year and I want to started adding some perl scripts.

I just started off with a two-line perl program with the intent of working up from there.

I got one story after another as to why my script would not work. I did everything that earthlink recommended only to still not have it work. Finally I just cancelled my account.

I will never have anything to do with earthlink again.

"Absolutely the worst ever!"
EarthLink Web Services
By: Philip Vo
Date/Time of Posting = May 24 2004 / 20:07:49
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Earthlink handled the domain registration and hosting for my domain. I wanted to switch hosts so they shut down my site without redirecting my DNS servers. I have been down for 4 days now. Their customer service was absolutely horrible in providing me with any help. They just claimed that everything was out of their hands. I was only going to switch one account because of their technical limitations but now I've decided to move the remainder of my accounts. I would suggest anyone else to avoid them at all cost as they do not have the slightest care in their client's business, only their own.
"Use the phone for Earthlink support."
EarthLink Web Services
By: Linda Montgomery
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 02 2003 / 20:14:53
IP Address:
Rating: 3
We've got Earthlink DSL at home so when the time came for me to invest in a domain for my startup in the voice-over industry I chose Earthlink to host it. It was easy to do and they just added the charges to the billing I already get. Everything was fine until I loaded 60 jpg images onto the site after my high school reunion, set them up using their Trellix tool and modified the pages a couple of times to allow my classmates with older computers to see them. I have the photos linked to webpages in groups of 10 and then again in single photo view mode. The first day I put them up it worked. I went in to fix a couple of links and the next day about half of them had been corrupted. I wanted to know what happened. In my day job I provide tech support for my company's product. I know that once we figure out what is causing the problem it can be fixed. I do not have time to reupload and relink 20 to 30 pictures every week. They however, were not interested in figuring out what the problem was. They had a stock answer and wouldn't vary from it. An email support request was answered by [Name Removed] with no explanation as to how it could have happened, but with repeated instructions to delete the corrupted images and reload them. That took me 4 hours. A week later, I received 10 more jpg images from a classmate and added them to the site. Again, I tested it and went back in the next day to fix a couple of links. That night over half the images on the site were corrupted. I was angry. I knew there was NOTHING I had done that should have caused it. I used livechat this time. They've been good in the past. Those days are gone. I wasn't sure about halfway through if I was communicating with a smartbot or with someone struggling with English. Here's the conversation: [EDIT]Content Removed: Unable to post original copy of conversation.[/EDIT] Just to be sure my computer wasn't infected with something, I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton Internet Security and AntiVirus, got the latest updates and spent the entire evening scanning my system. It was clean. I will be using the phone to hopefully speak to a human who speaks the same language I do. If I don't get an explanation and/or someone willing to look into this I'll be shopping for another hosting service.
"Earthlink does a good job for me"
EarthLink Web Services
By: Tommy
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 15 2002 / 10:17:06
IP Address:
Rating: 10
I have hosted with a number of companies over the past three years. My sites are presently at EarthLink.I have no complaints. Their technical support has been great( I have called in in the wee hours of the morning)The hosting, domain registration and ecommerce has been no problem. Very Satisfied.
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