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Making Money On The Internet
Earn Cash from Your Web Site
Pay-per-Click Programs

All Clicks
All Clicks is one of the more unique pay-per-click programs in the sense that they pay you for "blind" clicks. Blind clicks are click-throughs generated from your web site by any linking method, which means the link does not necessarily have to reflect what is being linked to. You may link totally unrelated material and still earn commissions. For example, click here to win a free car. They currently pay $0.03 per click-through and mail checks once you have at least $50.00 in commissions by the closing of the month.

Electronic Advertising
Electronic Advertising (eAds) pays you $0.05 per click-through on every banner you host from their network. Checks are issued once your account totals $10.00 in earnings and are sent out by the 20th of the month. Statistics are updated once per day, and not in real-time like most other agencies.
Commission Junction
Commission Junction is an agency which allows its affiliates to select their own advertisers (500+) operating under a per-click, per-lead, or per-sale basis. The cost per-click, per-lead, or per-sale varies as each advert is offering a different rate. Checks are mailed on the 20th of the month once you have reached a minimum of $25.00 in commissions.
Click Agents
Click Agents promises you a flat $0.10 per click. You can earn between $0.12 to $0.25 if your site is generating a significant amount of traffic. Checks are issued by the first of each month once you have totaled $50.00 or more in earnings. Tracking statistics are updated every one to two minutes, which is a very minor delay.
Pay-per-Lead Programs    Get Paid to Promote Free Newsletters and More!

Mail Bits
Mail Bits supports a "tell-a-friend" program, where you are awarded $0.15 if a user tells a friend about your web site through Mail Bits. This is down from their previous rate which was at $0.20. Occasionally, Mail Bits rewards its affiliates and will add an extra bonus amount to your check, which usually comes to 15% of the check value. Checks are issued by the end of the month once you have reached $50.00 in earnings.
Earn Cash Promoting Free Newsletters
Direct Leads
Direct Leads, similar to Commission Junction, offers a variety of advertisers to choose from operating under a per-click, per-lead, or per-sale basis. In general, leads range between $0.12 to $15.00 per confirmed sign-up. Most of its pay-per-click adverts offer between $0.05 to $0.10 per unique click-through. The recently introduced per-sale program includes 16 programs ranging from $1.00 to $13.20 per sale. Payments are made sixty days after the close of the month, once your account reaches $20.00 or more in commissions.
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