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DataPipe Reviews
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"datapipe always comes through"
By: David T-G
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 30 2003 / 20:50:36
IP Address:
Rating: 9
I have had stellar service from datapipe for well over a year now on my server (where I am a partner with the fellow who actually leases it), a basic PIII IDE box, and on one set up recently for a very busy web site, a quad Xeon SCSI box. I have had occasion to talk to customer support on many occasions and always get someone (who is usually quite knowledgeable, though even more experienced senior techs are close at hand during the two main shifts) in short order. I have *ahem* had to test their backups numerous times and have only had one problem (which we were able to address otherwise). Their staff may not be awe-inspiringly expert, but they take courteous instruction in system minutae from this 15-year Sys Admin well and are happy to have the chance to learn more. I even worked with their sales department to come up with a competing bid for that quad-Xeon box and they undercut the other price enough to make my client sit up, take notice, and switch away from dialtone interland [see my other review elsewhere]. I wouldn't hesitate to send anyone there (no, I'm not in an affiliate program, either!). :-D
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