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Database Mart
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Database Mart reviews

uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
* ratings are out of 10


This company is a FRAUD! They lie to you to get you to sign up (I have copies of chats). I signed up for a VPS Server and it was not fully installed. They told me it is my problem and that "VPS servers are self-managed". I told them it was set up wrong and they didn't care. I told them to cancel my services and they said I wouldn't get a refund, even though I signed up less than 24 hours ago. DO NOT go to Database Mart for any server needs. Their support is the worst!

Biggest Pro: Nothing
Biggest Con: Support

Database Mart is NOT recommended by John W. This person does NOT recommend Database Mart.
› Overall Rating ››    0.00% 
Reviewed on February 2nd, 2015 at 08:28 EST by John W
Customer for duration of Less than 1 month
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Virtual Private Servers   Platform: Linux   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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uptime & reliability
server & connection speed
technical support & knowledge
customer service & billing
price value for money
* ratings are out of 10

Features meets great price and cheerful support

After a mishap and extended outage on my previous web host which cost me thousands of dollars, I went looking for a new home for my database reliant commerce website. I found databasemart had just as many features as my previous host, with a similar price and had a lot of good reviews elsewhere so I gave them a shot.

I have around a half dozen domains, so it's taken me a while to move everything off my previous host, however the tech support in helping me get everything set up how I want it has been superb. Support has actually been cheerful, rather than having the sullen attitude I was used to with my last host. They never seem too busy to help, and billing issues have been taken care of very quickly. Even better, they have not treated me as if I have no clue about anything. They were willing to look into a problem that I had previous experience with and were able to resolve it for me after reading an article I found for them to read.

I haven't seen any real downtime aside from a few scant moments the other day while they were restarting a server. Database access has been very speedy, and it seems to me, actually faster than my old host (Even when I had moved the database to databasemart and was still accessing it across the web from pages on the old host it was still getting it's data faster!)

If you need databases + ASP or ASP.Net, this is a fantastic host!

Database Mart is recommended by L. Allen. This person recommends Database Mart.
› Overall Rating ››    99.00% 
Reviewed on July 15th, 2008 at 16:57 EST by L. Allen
Customer for duration of 6 - 11 months
IP Address:
Type of Plan: Shared   Platform: Windows   Domain: [withheld]   Email: [withheld]
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22 out of 22 people found this review helpful.
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