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Darkscape Internet Services
Darkscape Internet Services Reviews
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"Disconnected without a notice"
Darkscape Internet Services
By: Joseph
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 20 2004 / 13:53:44
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Site worked ok. There were some problems all the time. The support always denied it was caused by them but after complained, problems majically fixed. Probably 4 or 5 times. The thing is that people who run this company are scummers. They disconnected me after I complained that their email server did not send emails using PHP script. The script which been written and configured by professioanl webdesigner worked from June 29th until probably late September. After that I stopped receiving emails (or almost stopped - they might be playing with config at that time). They claim, it was problem with the script... But...script worked before. They simply changed the configuration. Something against forged emails entered by users... Who gonna fake emails on business to customer related site? (By the way I got tons of spam from kings, quins, foreign embassies to my business emails!!! Tell me you fight spam :) ...)Anyway they never admitted, and simply disconnected me. When I asked why you guys disconnected me, thay said (UNBELEIVABLE!!!) "It some kind of mistake, you closed your account by yourself!!!" That's why I call it scum...A day before I called their phone number which turned to be "a fee collection" number and they could not transfer me to technical support. I asked them, what is going on and they said th! at I am one or two days past due and that is the reason my sites aren't functional. Please pay the amount and site will be up asap. I got releived for a moment but then I realised that my login to the control panel doesn't work too saying "Your account was succesfully closed!!!" To admit I was late by two days because of their payment system where you have to submit your credit card every month so I paid few times few days late BUT they never closed my account before - they disabled access to my websites (emails and ftp worked) until I submit the payment. This time control panel stopped to work. Websites stopped to work, emails stopped to work, ftp access was disabled (host not found) ... All this becuase of one or two days late....??? Obviously not. I agree I am not best customer, I did found a problems and my site had heavy traffic. But disconnect without a notice...All three websites... Stay away from those guys. They don't even have phone number for tech support. Only for payments with credit cards. They not gonna solve your problem, they will unplug you... I lost customers in the time php server didn't send emails to me and it was down for 2 days. I concidering taking legal action against those guys. If you need more info, you are welcome to write me to Joseph-
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