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CWI Hosting
CWI Hosting Reviews
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"Just plain bad"
CWI Hosting
By: Brendan Malloy
Date/Time of Posting = Jul 31 2006 / 02:51:07
IP Address:
Rating: 4
Avoid. Save some time and research to find a better host. If you want to have a host that makes changes that affect your site, argue when you know the site is down, respond to support tickets 12+ hours later, the use CWI.
"The worst comany ever!"
CWI Hosting
By: Mali Turksi
Date/Time of Posting = May 28 2006 / 04:53:39
IP Address:
Rating: 1
This is the worst web-hosting company ever, they do not set up web hosting on time and they clame that if the hosting is not set up on time they will refund you money... so I canceled my account and it's been 2 months and I haven't received the money, please guys contact if you have problems with this comp. I am hiring a lawyer to deal with this animals!

Dont let the prices full you!

CWI Hosting
By: Peter Awad
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 27 2006 / 23:41:28
IP Address:
Rating: 1
We have never had more issues than we have had with this hosting company. Ever since, we switched to CWI hosting we have had tons of email issues and hours of our site being down. I had to email the CEO before they would switch our email services over to another server. After that, we have had months of issues with our site being down. Excuses is all I have received without any resolution or explanation of what they are doing to remedy the issue. We are switching over to a new webhost as soon as we possibly can.
"CWI Hosting"
CWI Hosting
By: Stephen Smith
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 09 2005 / 06:45:15
IP Address:
Rating: 10
CWIHosting is simply the best hosting service I have used and I recommend them to all customers for whom I design websites.
"Best service from"
CWI Hosting
By: Steven Gilman
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 31 2005 / 18:41:38
IP Address:
Rating: 10
I have used a lot of different web hosts in the past, and CWI Hosting is definately the best. Great and friendly support, reliable servers, and I've never noticed any unplanned downtime. Definately the most customer oriented host I've used.
"first class service"
CWI Hosting
By: John Baldwin
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 11 2005 / 04:10:55
IP Address:
Rating: 10
there are plenty of people who promise a great deal but deliver little - if you are looking for a first class hosting service from people who do what they say....then go to CWI. Superb.
"CWI = peace of mind"
CWI Hosting
By: Peter Beach
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 04 2005 / 19:22:53
IP Address:
Rating: 10
The best part of CWI is how the site behaves: noticeably quicker loading / overall faster behavior / substantially faster FTP server uploads than my previous ISP - CWI customer / tech support calls feature an actual American voice... plus a truly pro, full-featured "My CWI" Control Panel / Account Manager... AND, they're cheaper than what I had been paying [ !!! ]I've had several ISP's over the years... CWI is by FAR the standout best.
"Great hosting company"
CWI Hosting
By: Rich Parker
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 24 2005 / 15:03:46
IP Address:
Rating: 9
I'm surprised at seeing negative reviews of CWI since I've had such a good experience with them. I've used their power plan since 2002 for a couple sites, and just completed a migration to a dedicated server in the past month, and they've been quite good, frankly. I have had reasonably good support... if it's not a server outage/crisis level issue, it may take 6 hours to get a response, but I've never had to wait more than 45 minutes on a server outage kind of issue. BTW - if you are on a shared server, you WILL have outages... welcome to life... some of your neighbors will write code that buries the CPU... it happens, but CWI will fix it... they'll even credit your account if you have a significant outage. I'm really writing about their migration work. I've moved websites with 4 different hosting companies, and CWI is the only one who got it right on the first try. They even walked me through their WebHost Manager interface, so that I understood how to use the thing. I strongly recommend CWI for anyone who wants a good, reliable hosting system.
CWI Hosting
By: Steve Heit
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 16 2005 / 18:10:12
IP Address:
Rating: 10
Don't let the price fool you. That is the only thing cheap about the company. From first contact of Mark V. from sales to getting up and running was a breeze. I think I had my log on info and all the info I needed to upload my site within 6 hours and I had put the order in, in the middle of the night. I have needed much tech support but, would I did need Randolph (My Tech God) took care of right away and even called me back in five minutes to let me know I was all set. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME A HOST TECH HAS CALLED ME BACK!!! I'm referring to my old un-named host. I can't say enough about the company or the staff I have interacted with thus far. Everything has been excelent, top notch and NO THEY DIDN'T PAY ME TO SAY THIS & I DON'T WORK FOR THE COMPANY!!! I highly recommend them. You've tried the rest now try the best!!! Steve
CWI Hosting
By: Graham
Date/Time of Posting = May 07 2003 / 21:10:48
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I've used CWI Hosting off and on for 2 years. Why? I registered my domains with them in 2001 and wasn't able to gain ownership of them. Emails, phone calls and unhelpful support didn't work; I couldn't transfer my domains to another registrar. As for web server performance, it is horrible - even with their "best" packages. The "technicians" are not very bright or helpful to solve problems or issues. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE, please avoid this web host! I wish I could recommend a web host for you - most are terrible.
"CWI: trouble"
CWI Hosting
By: Jack Stein
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 19 2003 / 08:36:16
IP Address:
Rating: 2
Altho features and price look great, we've had lots of problems with downtime and slow and unhelpful support. When we called them to tell them our email access was cut off, they emailed us instructions on how to get it back up! Either not very bright or just apathetic.
CWI Hosting
By: Dave Dalton
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 25 2002 / 23:57:34
IP Address:
Rating: 1
The most UNSTABLE UNIX boxes Ive ever seen (reminds me of win98)...they give UNIX a BAD name. Site down at least once a month, had two 6+ hours outages & 1 12+ hour outage in the first 6 months alone. Ive actually lost count of all the outages over a one year "relationship"...thank god its over! Tech support writes you back 4-6 hours later & says "There's nothing wrong with our systems" Well heck no, not now ...that was 6 hours ago! Then you look at the log files & see they rebooted the system. Im a Java servlet programmer & I teach Java for a living.....what these guys know about Java could fill a thimble. Absolutely the worst hosting company I have EVER had the misfortune of dealing with & I will NEVER deal with them again, if you know whats good for you you wont either!
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