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C I Host
C I Host Reviews
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C I Host
By: Not specified   e-mail not given
Date/Time of Posting = May 01 2003 / 16:20:54
IP Address:
Rating: 1
first complaint and probably the worst is how I lost my domain name to my site. I paid for it in June of 2001, and come to find out in Dec of that year, someone bought it and put up a porn site and is holding it randsom. they keep claiming that they are working on it. well its been 5 months so far. the only thing they have done is give me back my $25 domain name fee, which I didn't not authorize. they don't return calls or help or answer questions at all! please stay away from these people...
C I Host
By: Lynn   e-mail not given
Date/Time of Posting = Feb 06 2003 / 13:43:12
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I have never had more lies tossed at me than with CIHOST. A) They do NOT back up their sites, no matter what they tell you. If you do need a backup they will tell you that for some reason the backup is corrupt. If that's not enough reason.... Tech support is rude, no one ever gets back to you. I could go on..but the back up reason alone is reason enough to not use them
"It's been a nightmare..."
C I Host
By: Not specified
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 04 2002 / 16:25:01
IP Address:
Rating: 1
This is my second time with C I Host. The first, a couple of years back, was uneventful. That's why I returned. This tour, however, has been a trip through hell. I'll cut to the chase: C I Host, without my knowledge or consent, debited my checking account for an out-of-cycle, non-periodic charge, a charge I would have vigorously disputed had I known about it. Twenty-seven days elapsed between the accrual of the charge. During that time, I didn't hear a peep out of them. In fact, I only learned of the debit (and the existence of the charge itself) when I checked my bank statement. By that time, my checking account was overdrawn to the tune of $162.00, including over a hundred dollars in overdraft charges.My personal life, my business, and my credit history have all been damaged. Billing by ambush is not an acceptable business practice. Avoid these guys like the plague. They are bad news.
C I Host
By: Christopher Jobson
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 06 2000 / 09:28:52
IP Address:
Rating: 10
CiHost is really a quality host. First off, they offer 24/7/365 phone tech support, and what's wonderful is the people there actually care about you and aren't rushing to get you off the phone. Once somebody spent an hour and 15 minutes helping me get a script to run! I am currently hosting 3 domains with them, and the features they usually offer are too numerous to list. Some of the perks are "unlimited" monthly transfer (about 12-13 GB), and 500MB storage space. Rates are usually $25-27/mo, although the quality of service attached to the price is superior. They have won numerous awards, and are one of the top 10 hosts on just about any list. Go for it!
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