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Avid Hosting
Avid Hosting Reviews
Do you have more than 1 web site?
Host Gator lets you host as many web sites as you want in 1 account. This is a great way to save money if you have more than 1 web site, or if you plan on opening more in the near future.
"Advid just plan does not deliver!"
Avid Hosting
By: Tony
Date/Time of Posting = May 10 2006 / 19:54:41
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Enough said!
"Stay away from them!!! You've been warned!"
Avid Hosting
By: Glen
Date/Time of Posting = Jun 13 2005 / 20:10:22
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Number One thing I need from hosting is reliability. They've had more outages than I can count in the last few months. I'm not sure why I've stuck with them this long. Support is awful. No phone support, and they're pretty slow and useless in Live Support and email. Right now my email for my business has been down for almost a day. Stay away from them, please! You will regret it if you don't...
"Avid Hosting is a Real DISASTER !!!"
Avid Hosting
By: Arnold Johnson
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 24 2004 / 17:07:15
IP Address:
Rating: 7
My personal comments about Avid Hosting: PROS: Hard to tell. Not many anyway. There's certainly nothing special about Avid Hosting that distinguishes them from any other host. CONS: Slow and lacking support, cannot be trusted when it comes to privacy: forwarding personal details to third party websites without any prior consent. Server speed is also not optimal and I could really use more space as well. More downtime than expected and far more than market average. Verdict: Simple, I would not recommend it. Though at first when I decided to go with them I thought they looked okay and offered nice hosting deals, they very very much disappointed me. I am now finishing the process of moving my sites, so the nightmare will soon be over. Final word: Again, really: do not host with them, they are not as good as they do seem. When you really need them, they are not there and they are not as kind as when you first contacted them to signup. Too bad, but these kinds of companies still exist...
"Avid not worth the Trouble"
Avid Hosting
By: Tony Dann
Date/Time of Posting = Sep 17 2003 / 23:23:02
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I have been with AvidHosting for 4 years now and in that time I have seen the service drop from satisfactory to downright awful!!! They guarentee a 99.9% uptime but my site is either down up to 15% of the time or there is a problem with mail or some other thing and their support is useless because if my site is dow so is theirs!!! so no live chat and no e-mail replys. I am switching to ICD Soft who are cheaper give more features and alot more web space. I have 2 other domains with them and have never had the need for tech support!! They answer any inquiries super fast and are very friendly.
"Avoid Avid at all cost."
Avid Hosting
By: Jon Eden
Date/Time of Posting = May 17 2002 / 11:28:59
IP Address:
Rating: 7
I am livid with these people. I would only use their "service" again if it was the last one on Earth.
"Every experience dealing with these guys has been horrible"
Avid Hosting
By: Eric
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 23 2001 / 16:54:21
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Where do I start?? I have had nothing but problems with these guys since I started reselling. I think that I've refunded more money to my clients than I made off of reselling hosting. The only way to contact their ignorant "tech" support people is by email or live chat. If you're lucky you will get a reply to you email a few days later. The people on the live chat will simply tell you that they're working on it and they will email you when they are finished- then they never finish. They also claim to guarantee 99.9% uptime (that's 1 out of 1000 days downtime). Well, all of my sites were down for a day and I didn't get anthing back or a break in price. They don't back the guarantee up. It once took me two weeks of emailing before they could correctly answer this question, "Which one of your hosting plans provides a mailing list?" That was three months ago. I am still trying to get the mailing list to work, and since they do not reply to email and it takes them 5 days to say that they are "looking in to the problem" it stil lisnt' working. Learn from my mistakes- saving a couple of dollars is not worth it!
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