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Aplus.Net Reviews
Do you have more than 1 web site?
Host Gator lets you host as many web sites as you want in 1 account. This is a great way to save money if you have more than 1 web site, or if you plan on opening more in the near future.
"Stay Away From This Company"
By: Scott G.
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 09 2005 / 11:00:07
IP Address:
Rating: 2
I created an account with to create a web page for myself. Because of time constraints with school and work, I was unable to use the space. I contacted them when my year was up and told them that I would like to not continue the use of their service because I did not have time to create and maintain a site. Weeks later I was billed the renewal cost for the site. I then spent weeks in phone calls and e-mails trying to get the money refunded to me. That was over a year ago. For the last week or so I started getting e-mail saying that my domain was about to expire and if I didn't contact them it would not renew and be cancelled. I just dismissed it as an error on their part. TODAY I received and e-mail saying they renewed the domain. I contacted their tech support and was told I was billed again for the renewal. I told him that I wanted to be refunded and he told me that I would have to call back later to talk to so! meone else who could help me and that he would put me in the computer as "do not auto-renew". Well according to the e-mail I have been receiving I was not an "auto-renew" anyway and they should have done that a year ago when I spent 2 weeks telling them that I wanted my service with them cancelled. RUN... do not walk away from these people!!!!!
" should be named"
By: Robert Philabaum
Date/Time of Posting = Nov 05 2004 / 21:20:54
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Aplus is not a company I recommend dealing with. Hosting service is fair. Customer service is non-existant. Nobody returns calls (notably [Named Removed] and [Name Removed]). Was signed up for a reseller account in February by a representative who never told me there was a cost for such account status, just that it would obtain me discounts on the additional domains they were hosting for me. When one of my hosted domain's contract expired they attempted to bill me $600 for such account status. The charge was rejected by my credit card issuer because it exceded limits I had placed on my account. I contacted Aplus regarding this and within minutes the they locked me out of my account and TOOK MY SITES COMPLETELY DOWN while they were supposed to be addressing the issue. The issue was never addressed by Have left multiple voicemail messages for [Name Removed] and [Name Removed] and have yet to hear from either! over the last three weeks. Complaint has been filed with the BBB. Chargeback has been initiated to obtain return of fees for new additional domain hostings. I do not recommend doing business with
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