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AceHost Reviews
Do you have more than 1 web site?
Host Gator lets you host as many web sites as you want in 1 account. This is a great way to save money if you have more than 1 web site, or if you plan on opening more in the near future.
"If I were you, I'd keep looking"
By: Paul G.
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 13 2006 / 09:48:59
IP Address:
Rating: 5
I cannot recommend Acehost for one very simple reason: after their 30 day "unconditional guarantee" period, they WILL NOT refund any of your money. If you sign up for a year (as my friend did for her site which I administer) and decide 6 weeks later that they aren't a good deal, you have lost all the money you paid. Most hosts will give you a pro-rated refund, but not these guys. Note that you CAN sign up for month by month payment via Paypal. That's the ONLY way I would suggest you use these guys!

Support is marginal, communication is lousy, I frequently am blocked (as now) from ftp access and sometimes the entire site!

My brother hosts with Acehost and has never had any problems, but all he is doing is holding basic content (photos, etc.).

My advice? Keep looking!

"AceHost: STAY AWAY!!"
By: Mike Foley
Date/Time of Posting = Feb 02 2004 / 08:39:49
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Support from AceHost is a complete nightmare. AceHost calims that they respond to email support requests within 6 hours. Mine were often unanswered. AceHost also provides live 24/7 support. Using this facility and monitoring access, I reached someone on the other end 1 out of every 10 times. Trya it for yourself: Go to the suzpport page, click on live support, and you will probably get "offline" notice.
"AceHost are Excellent!"
By: J. Gary Brinn
Date/Time of Posting = Dec 19 2003 / 19:01:24
IP Address:
Rating: 10
When I set up my own rich media internet consulting practice, I needed a web hosting provider that would not only meet my needs, but that would also allow me to set up and manage sites for my clients as well. The folks at AceHost have provided the highest level of customer service I have witnessed in my years in this industry.
"More of the same... not a good host"
By: John Barlow
Date/Time of Posting = May 19 2003 / 00:02:43
IP Address:
Rating: 2
The service was poor and communication was terrible. I quit quickly and would not go back. Yahoo!
"AceHost your the Best"
By: Peter Thomas
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 18 2003 / 12:00:28
IP Address:
Rating: 10
thanks AceHost for providing me with a realiable, fast hosting service. Your servers are the best ive used ever and i like the pre installed cgi scripts a lot.
"Acehost1 bad bad bad"
By: Nelson Cunningham
Date/Time of Posting = Mar 24 2003 / 22:59:27
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Promised a dedicated IP address, lost it within four months. Down time over 48 hours in six months. Getting a simple DNS change was like pulling teeth, took over a week and several email each time. Had to move all my files to new servers several times in just six months. STAY AWAY FROM ACEHOST1
"Acehost1 - Rip off Artists"
By: John Lohmeyer
Date/Time of Posting = Aug 24 2001 / 15:25:27
IP Address:
Rating: 1
I signed up with Acehost1 on August 8th and found their service lousy. I asked for a refund two days later and so far they have refused. They no longer even answer my e-mail. They have an "UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE" at I suggest you quit promoting their service. They are obviously rip-off artists, and no idea what "unconditional" means. I wish I could afford a lawyer, cause I'd sue their asses!
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