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101-WebHosting Reviews
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By: Pete Frost
Date/Time of Posting = Oct 16 2004 / 11:39:36
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Hi I have to say I agree with wot everyone else said about these people, but I have news that they went bust/did a runner, I had been trying to get hold of them for a long time, since April I know this subject is an old one, but I have only just found this thread. I know exactly wot Andy Hill is on about as I was the one that signed his site up with them, inwhich in the that time 101 was realable, but I didn't know they was going to do this, has I had 4 domains registered with them. So avoid them with all costs if they re-appear.
"Avoid this crowd."
By: John Kelly
Date/Time of Posting = Jun 25 2004 / 10:52:25
IP Address:
Rating: 5
I have only one Databse which contains my site's Forum. For the last 12 days I have been unable to access the Forum, nobody will reply to my e-mails (now in double figures), the much trumpeted support line rings on unanswered, I cannot add new databases on the C-panel & I'm going mad with frustration. All I want is for someone to tell me what the hell is going on.
"Steer clear"
By: Andy Hill   e-mail not given
Date/Time of Posting = Apr 17 2004 / 06:48:46
IP Address:
Rating: 1
Steer clear of this bunch of cowboys. They may be cheap, but low payments for NOTHING is what they give. Their support line never answers and when it does the 1 PERSON they have working for them gives lame excuses. Their sites go down for no reason with no excuses and emails go un-answered.
"101 webhosting"
By: Rick Bull   e-mail not given
Date/Time of Posting = Jan 08 2004 / 07:14:51
IP Address:
Rating: 2
I signed up with 101 webhosting because they offered everything I needed, and were cheap. But the reason they're cheap is because their servers go out on average about 1-2 times a month, often for a week at a time. They send you no e-mail, or even put any information on their site that their server is down. Instead you have to e-mail them with a complaint before they will fix the problem. Also when the server goes down, they will often lose all of your files and databases. The files I can live with, but a lot of information is lost when the database goes, and therefore I've removed my forum as I was losing user accounts and threads. The only reason I didn't give 101 the very lowest score is for their price, which is the lowest I've seen. But once my contract is up I'll be changing to SupaNames who offer a very similar package for about double the price, but are much more reliable.
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